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Angelica aims to amplify the voices of self-identifying women (including non-binary) artists of minority cultural and minority ethnic backgrounds who are based on the island of Ireland.

Angelica was created to raise the profiles of the featured artists, leading to fruitful relationships and new opportunities. We encourage you to use this resource to follow and engage with the artists’ work, and reach out to them directly with paid opportunities such as residencies, exhibitions, artist talks, panel participations, workshops, and public art commissions. Some of the artists are also looking for commercial representation, opportunities for collaboration or to receive mentoring and training.


We created this resource with a view to contributing to change; our hope is that it will grow into an invaluable resource for curators and producers throughout Ireland. Through engagement with Irish-based visual artists of intersectional, minority cultural or minority ethnic backgrounds (WOC, Traveller, Asylum Seeker, Refugee), we hope to nurture a visual art community built on care and accountability. 


Angelica is a wildflower; a global nomad of temperate areas - including Ireland - and believed to have originated in Syria. It is a much-mythologised plant; widely understood as an agent which promotes support and deeper meaning, and which eradicates apathy and surface-level perspectives.


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